Today was another milestone for Harry. He had his last craniospinal radiotherapy treatment in Oxford, the last of 4 weeks of going there and back each day, one week had chemotherapy as well, other days have had further tests and check ups too. It’s been full on but he has really surprised me in how he has taken this part on, today especially. Harry was excited to be finishing radiotherapy and although some days throughout he has felt really rubbish/sick or tired, today he bounced in, had bloods taken, taken daily medicines, had the usual checks with a nurse, doctor and his consultant, an MRI scan and radiotherapy, and then he bounced out and we came home!

I am exhausted though, and have a million things going on in my head, Russ and I have some big decisions to make and soon. It’s incredibly daunting right now. We are truly thankful though that the financial part of this decision shouldn’t be a concern thanks to all of you 💙💛

When I spoke with Harry’s consultant today, we both said how hard it was to know what to do as we don’t have experience to draw on, every child’s situation (with Neuroblastoma) seems to be different, treatment paths change all the time as things are continued to be learned from trials across the world, so how do we know and compare what is best for our child? Even the immunotherapy that Harry had three years ago has now changed. We can only take the information we find and learn, listen to the professionals we speak to, follow our instincts and do what we believe is best.

If only we didn’t have to go through all of this, but we have to give Harry the best chance in life that there is. He deserves that and so much more. He really has been through so much.

Thank you for listening, sharing, donating, supporting and all your love

Nina (Harry’s Mum) xx