Cancer Free!!! 🙂

We finally got the news today that we have been waiting for since Harry was diagnosed with high risk metastatic neuroblastoma over 22 months ago, Harry’s tests are clear and he is now in REMISSION and is CANCER FREE!!!

I got the call from Harry’s lovely specialist trial nurse, Kay. I felt sick when I saw the number but she soon told me it was ok! When we finished talking I went straight to tell the boys, I felt a bit strange though to start with, a bit numb I think? I knew I should be completely ecstatic, but if I’m honest a little bit of me kept thinking that it’s not really over yet, you can’t get away from the stats, and also we may go to the US, which is huge. But as it sank in I cried, and all happy tears!

I’m not sure the boys completely understood the enormity of the news when I told them, Oscar seemed a bit nonplussed although I’m sure he wasn’t really, (he had a big grin) and I did get a huge Harry hug (with lunges) before he ran and jumped up to me!! Then they were both busy cleaning their bikes almost as if nothing had happened, I was desperate to get excited and celebrate and the boys were laughing at me as I hugged them all the time and kept crying!

Then this evening it was different, the idea of being CANCER FREE has sunk in for H and he has been running around and bouncing with excitement! Oscar asked quietly how likely it will come back and I said we have done all we can here and there is ‘no evidence of disease’ (NED) as they say, but we will go to the US if we think it will help and I will decide that with Daddy soon. He has been a happy boy too though and it’s been an amazing day at home.

Harry is one very tough cookie and knows how hard he has had to fight against the neuroblastoma, he said as much tonight which choked me completely again! I am more proud of both Oscar and Harry than anyone can possibly feel right now!

I wish this was it, I wish it ended here and we no longer had to worry, but for the moment I want to enjoy this feeling, and breathe!