With all the craziness going on in the world right now I haven’t updated you all on Harry’s 4th and penultimate cycle of 3f8..he got home last week and although tired, has bounced back incredibly again, which is fantastic. The first day felt like it went on for hours and Russ and I were pretty stressed..it had to be paused for his blood pressure to recover because it was way too low and then he needed yet more pain relief, one of the machines wasn’t working properly to monitor his sats, we had to deal with the language barrier, and then poor Harry was quite badly sick after. He was completely wiped out and quite confused that it even happened. Thankfully the other two days were a lot lot easier (as they have been in each cycle so far) and I left Harry with Russ and Deb for the last infusion so that I wasn’t away from Oscar for too long this time.

For now we are just trying to keep him safe. Like always. We have had 6 and a half years of trying to keep Harry away from infection – like all oncology kids. Harry did go to school for a few lessons earlier this week (loaded with anti-bac and strict instructions) as there were no known cases of the Covid-19 there or in the area, but it’s too risky now. With a low immune system Harry is in the high risk category, it’s just not worth it. The reality of this is deeply concerning now, it is getting out of control. I am meant to be going to Barcelona with Harry next week briefly, and the week after for his last cycle of the immunotherapy and all of his reassessments too. But it looks like this is now going to be impossible..not giving up though..stay safe everyone and be kind.

Nina 💙💛 xx