It has been a tough few weeks for Harry in Barcelona frustrating waiting for his treatment and no confirmation yet with a date , although now its hoped to be next Tuesday 9th. It’s been delayed 3 times which has been a bit stressful for everyone. The drug was held up with Spanish/Barcelona Customs 2 weeks ago and is still there. Although the Omburtamab has been shipped successfully 5 times before for 3 other patients, we have been told that a new customs official started and therefore chose to prevent it passing through and requested more information.

The hospital here in Barcelona, the drug company and the Spanish Medical Agency are are all working with Customs to get it released, but even now the Omburtamab remains at the airport. The drug has 36 hours (kept at a certain temperature on ice) from manufacture to administration before it becomes unuseable. It’s crucial that we make sure this problem won’t arise again or the Omburtamab won’t be made. It is incredibly stressful and deeply concerning as Harry (and others) all need this treatment now to prevent a further relapse Last Friday he had another MRI which was only because of the delays and this took about 4/5 hours as Harry struggled to lie still and there were problems with his PAC, but eventually got it done, so we are waiting for results on that. He also had his stitches out on his head and that is healing well. We try to keep Harry busy in the down time so as not to think about home but he is missing home and Cookie a lot.

We move accommodation on Thursday otherwise I may have brought him back for a few days, but we need to be here and to get him the treatment soon as it a worry that he could relapse again.It is 2 months since his last chemo and it’s now been 7 months since his relapse..! We all have our fingers crossed for next week and the treatment to go ahead.

Nina x