Cycle 4: Immunotherapy at GOSH

Cycle 4 began yesterday (on my birthday!) and the fear of the injections have hit hard. It took me and another nurse to hold Harry down while another gave him the injection, it was just horrible. He screamed and cried and I hate that he has to deal with all of this. Today his first words to me after “morning mummy “ were “if I can have some chewing gum maybe that will distract me from having the injection?” So he really tried today and although it was a struggle for a while he eventually screamed that he would let the nurse do it without us holding him down. A little progress maybe? I hope so. Harry bounces back every time though, within minutes he’s his cheeky self and aside from the actual injection he has not once objected to GOSH yet again. We are surrounded by what feels like even more poorly children and I think both Harry and I can at last see a glimmer of light at the end of a long tunnel? I pray we are right.