Harry’s 8th Birthday at GOSH

We are half way through cycle 5 now, the last cycle!

It was Harry’s 8th birthday yesterday and sadly we had to be in hospital, but we did manage to get home for the weekend to have a little spy party for him. I made it as special as it could be here, decorated his room whilst he was asleep and arranged his two Godmummys to come in with a cake and presents. He had lots of messages, calls, cards, presents and fuss, but bless his heart he had to stay in his room at GOSH, with lines attached to his antibodies, fluids, pain relief etc and to take medicines throughout the day.

It’s been exciting being here this time, that we are nearly at the end of this bit (the immunertherapy), and yet now I also feel incredibly anxious and frightened. Apparently this is normal as we approach the end of his treatment here. After this, Harry will have a full reassessment again to see if there is any sign left of the disease in his body, so it is a huge milestone again, and it has been a few months since the last tests, which although were clear then, and we have no reason to suspect otherwise, we know it can change at any time.

Then it will be decision time. However well he seems to be doing, I was reminded recently that most children with neuroblastoma respond well to the frontline treatment, it’s what they expect, but it doesn’t take away the fact that there is still a 40% relapse rate for neuroblastoma, and this could happen anytime, but most likely in the next 2 years.

This is why we are still fundraising and need your help.