Home from a tough cycle four

We had a pretty tough time again for cycle 4, but we are home! Harry managed well with week one despite his fear of the injections. He knows the routine now. Week 2 was incredibly hard emotionally with our surroundings, and a bit of a reality check for Russ and I.

Harry began well with the antibodies but eventually his little body could only cope with so much at a time. It ended up being very stop-start (in terms of the antibodies running) as he reacted with fevers and a cough again in the third week.

Harry really does go through a lot. Not only is he attached to a drip stand with his antibodies, fluids, pain relief, and antibiotics, he has to take what seems like continuous medicines throughout the day, (which is always a challenge) hourly obs from his nurses, and frequent checks from doctors and consultants. It’s exhausting for us both! I was relieved to have a break for a weekend when Russ was with Harry and I could spend some time with Oscar, but Harry is stuck in the same room for almost 3 weeks! Harry’s challenge for the next two weeks, hopefully at home, is to put some weight back on as he is just too tiny. He’s well otherwise though and very happy he only has one more cycle of this bit left! Harry continues to amaze me.