Harry had his last day of chemotherapy today. He had another MRI scan on his brain and CNS recently which showed no evidence of disease so that is amazing news for us. We can now plan to go to Barcelona for the 8H9/Omburtamab trial under Dr Mora there, and we are pleased to say that we now have a confirmed start date of 3rd June. The Pre-assessments in Barcelona will start on that date but we may have to go before to have the ommaya placement (tube in his head for the treatment) as there’s a chance we might not be able to do that here in time if he gets sick after this chemo. For now, we are just working out the details and making the arrangements that need to be done to get us there.

Keeping everything crossed that Harry will have a speedy and smooth recovery after this cycle of chemo. A big thank you to everyone for your messages of support and love, and to those who continue to help practically too, I really couldn’t do this without you. Much love x