Lumps and bumps

We had a great start to cycle 3, fantastic results from his tests last week and coping well with being here and the daily injections. This week we got the antibodies running at 100% fairly quickly with barely any pain which was amazing. Seemingly too good to be true. Since Wednesday evening when they thought the IV pain relief wasn’t needed anymore and had consequently been taken off, Harry hasn’t been great at all. He has been in a lot of pain, the antibodies had to be stopped and then run at a low rate and he has suffered every day with horrible side effects from his injections (of IL-2) and the pins and needles pain mostly in his legs and feet. But today the antibodies are now back up to 75% of where it should be and they hope to put it up again in the morning to 100% as he has today finished the IL-2 for this cycle. It really knocks him though – it’s so horrible. He isn’t eating much and hasn’t left the room since we got here. He can barely stand up at the moment and his tiny little legs are covered in lumps and bumps from the injections, which he has now become so frightened of as he knows what it does to him and they bloody hurt too. Yesterday it took an hour and a half to coax him into having his injection as he was so scared because his legs are so sore.