Following on from my last post when I finished with “be kind”, I can say with certainty that some people go beyond kind when it is needed most.

Harry’s and my flight to Barcelona was cancelled and I started panicking as to how we would get here and back for his next treatment, not to mention the additional exposure to risk of infection for Harry (who is vulnerable) with travelling to one of the worst countries hit by Covid-19.

Alongside this worry, my step-mum Sally / Harry and Oscar’s Grandma, went into Hospital Covid-19 positive and ended up in ICU a few days later, highly critical. She is still in ICU on a ventilator 12 days later, although thank goodness Sally is now showing much improvement.

My poor dad had to self isolate at home and has since also been really unwell, it’s been horrific. So when a kind lady and her brother whom I didn’t know, offered to arrange and pay for a small private plane to take Harry and I to Barcelona and bring us back, I was completely overwhelmed, and given the shocking situation I found myself in, I accepted the help and will remain truly grateful to them. Their kindness took away some of the immense stress I was under. There is far more to it than just getting a flight and somewhere to stay now!

But we got here in time for pre-meds last week and Harry had his first infusion of his immunotherapy today. It has been a long and hard day but Harry is ok. The infusion had to be stopped again because his blood pressure dropped off the scale and he wasn’t well..he was in pain for the last part but it was managed. The thing that still gets me is that Harry is totally chilled about going in every time, I will never get used to it! But just two to go…then home.

Thank you to my amazing network, you keep me sane. Stay safe everyone!

Love Nina 💛💙 xx