Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

We finally managed to get Harry out of hospital on the 23rd Dec so thankfully we all enjoyed a lovely Christmas at home with family. Harry had lost over 4kg in a very short space of time so this has been tough as he’s obviously become quite weak again and desperately needs building up.

Russ and I took Harry to Barcelona again to start the second of the four rounds of 3F8 last week and it was unfortunately no easier..we did however have the main man, the amazing Dr Mora with us and he talked us through every step of the way. Harry’s reactions are apparently normal for his age but it doesn’t make it any easier. His blood pressure dropped so low, he was in such pain but handled it really well, his oxygen levels in his blood dropped afterwards too which scared us and it took a while for him to recover.

I lay beside him watching him sleep after the infusion and listened to the screams of the other poor children going through the same..so upsetting, so unfair 😢 Please don’t forget to continue to share and help us raise awareness of Neuroblastoma in the hope that one day there will be much kinder and more successful treatments available.

Harry has since been very very tired and has a lack of appetite but thankfully not too much pain. He’s been resting with his Dad and Deb too who joined them, and I’m on my way back to Harry again now after being with Oscar for him going back to school.

Let’s pray the rest of this week goes smoothly and is a little easier for Harry..and that he avoids any nasty viruses this time!

Nina 💙💛 xx