Only a few days to go mummy!!

And they said this last week of the cycle is meant to be easier…Not true! H lost his appetite completely a few days ago (wasn’t eating a lot before anyway) and is not really drinking now either so has not been feeling well at all and has very little energy, if any.

We didn’t have a good night. He has been sick quite a lot since yesterday evening, no temperature but feeling pretty horrible. He’s on more fluids now and increased antisickness and also a protective med for his tummy as it’s obviously all bile. No sign of diarrhoea yet so don’t think it’s a bug, probably just a side effect of the antibodies? He’s asleep again now but being so good, we have a little routine when he’s sick.

Harry did have a very welcome little visitor from one of his best friends, Alex, last night, which gave him a much needed boost!

He had no strength to walk yesterday either and had to use a wheelchair to take him down to opthalmology for his new glasses (another side effect which had caused blurry near vision, but hopefully won’t be permanent, although could be several weeks or months).

He said this morning “only a few more days to go mummy”! He melts my heart every day. I can’t wait to get him home. X