I don’t want to come last in the race


We’re back in Great Ormond Street Hospital for Harry’s second phase of Immunotherapy. The day goes up and down. This morning he had his injection in his leg with no fuss at all. Harry was running along the corridors doing his exercises with his fitness app on his iPod because he said he doesn’t want to come last in Sports Day! As much as it broke my heart to hear, it also made me very proud that he wants to do something about it and try, despite all that he is going through. He then goes quiet and climbs onto the bed and curls up and shivers himself to sleep as his temperature goes sky high. We know what to expect now, it’s the same pattern. He sleeps a little, lies quietly watching something or nothing sometimes and just wants me to stay near him. After about 4-5 hours he feels better again but we know it will happen all over again tomorrow.