Hi, well what a complete mix of emotions right now..but we are home!

Harry has now completed his final cycle of 3F8 immunotherapy treatment in Barcelona. The second two infusions were tough as always to watch, but Harry coped brilliantly and he was so happy on the last day to have finished that part! It was hard to be excited with everything else going on though. We flew back on the private plane again on Saturday, and had it not been for this, we might not have travelled at all.

Just before we left the UK I received the letter reminding me that Harry was highly vulnerable. Whilst in Barcelona we took every precaution I think possible to be in a sterile bubble and because of the escalating numbers in Spain last week, I was pretty scared being over there if I’m honest, but it’s just as worrying here. Harry’s next step is assessments again and then six months of chemotherapy, so we will continue to isolate him for some time yet.

My stepmum Sally is still in hospital, (thank you for all your kind messages) and has been on a ventilator for 18 days now. Thank God she has been showing improvement for several days and has more and more time off the ventilator each day now, but she has a long way to go. We are lucky she is alive and incredibly grateful to the wonderful NHS staff that have been taking care of her. Dad also had pretty nasty symptoms but thank goodness seems to have fought the virus from home in isolation, it’s not been easy.

Oscar stayed with Russ and Deb (and Cookie went too this time) whilst Harry and I were away and because of the risks to us all, Oscar is not home with us yet which breaks my heart, but he will be very soon.

I think that we are all being tested in various ways in how we deal with this pandemic. For some this situation is their worst nightmare and for others it’s an opportunity. I feel I have grown as a person throughout my experience with Harry’s illness and hope that we can all take something positive from living through Covid19. Stay inside, keep yourself and others safe. Be kind.

Love Nina 💛💙 xx