Cycle 3 – Still in Barcelona – Because Harry struggled with the previous cycles the doctors changed the protocol this time, so Instead of morphine Harry was given ketamine, supposedly a more effective pain relief for the antibodies given, but he would have to be under the watch of an anaesthesiologist, as well as the consultant in charge and two nurses. This change was thrown at us at the last minute on Monday, it was intense and really tough to watch Harry go through this as he couldn’t communicate what was wrong or what he needed as he was out of it, but at the same time the side effects were the same. Russ and I struggled more with this way but in hindsight know it was better for Harry as it was managed well and he now has no recollection!

Harry’s blood pressure did drop very low but eventually we were allowed to leave the hospital, despite him being very weak and tired. Thankfully it seemed to get better with each infusion this week, as it did the previous cycles. The dose of ketamine was smaller for Wednesday and Friday so he was a bit more alert. For the last dose he had some neck pain which ice packs helped with, he needed oxygen to help his breathing and got a mild rash and swelling to one side of his mouth but again this was dealt with straight away with meds and Grandma was on foot massage duty!

Harry was very tired after each day but his recovery was quicker. Yesterday Grandma and I even took him out for the afternoon which hasn’t happened in a while.

So the third cycle is now done and Harry has (with effort) put on a couple of kilos, he hates being so tiny and that upsets me more than anything, him being sad..none of this is his fault. We are well over the half way mark with the immunotherapy though and coming home to Oscar and Cookie this morning and can’t wait to see them, although currently still sat in the departure lounge due to the storm in the UK! As draining as it all is, the sun has been shining here! Love to all and thank you for all your messages and kindness (and to Uncle Alex, Auntie Nessie and Bella for the enormous Cookie cushion that now has to go everywhere with us!!)

💙💛 xx