Why are we fundraising?

Mad About Harry aims to raise funds for ground-breaking treatments for Harry abroad. The NHS has been fabulous with the care and treatment they have been able to provide for Harry so far but he is now in unknown NHS waters and this privately funded treatment is the only lifeline available. Please help us raise funds for Harry in any way you can, no child should have to endure this.

How you can help Harry

  • Raise FREE funds for Mad About Harry every time you shop online
  • Become a volunteer
  • Organise your own fundraising for Harry – individually, at work or school
  • Challenge individuals, schools or companies to match your donation
  • Support some of our upcoming events
  • Like our Facebook Page and raise awareness for Neuroblastoma

Spread the word and please tell everyone you know about Mad About Harry – we can’t do this without you!

Should this money not be required for Harry’s treatment, associated costs, or follow up care, all proceeds will be donated to a Neuroblastoma charity for research; to the hospitals that have and are treating Harry (Milton Keynes Hospital, The John Radcliffe, GOSH and The Royal Marsden, Sutton;) and to help other families affected by childhood Neuroblastoma.